Do you still don’t use WhatsApp Status; you are missing a valuable feature

Do you still don’t use WhatsApp Status; you are missing a valuable featureDo you still don’t use WhatsApp Status; you are missing a valuable featur

Even in this current day and age when every new feature in popular Smartphone apps becomes a talking point instantly after its developer’s releases its update – few features still remains away from user’s attention. We are hinting towards an imperative WhatsApp feature known as a status message, which still haven’t been used as much as it should be. The reason is only known to its users, may be because it’s one of the driest features amongst all other worlds’ most popular Smartphone communication app WhatsApp’s feature. Another feature provides you with instant response regarding it like if you share a video clip other users will instantly respond to it in any way to tell the sender that it’s being viewed.

Best Whatsapp Status

  • I am not a special Person ,But I am just limited edition.
  • Stop checking my Status, Go and love your GF
  • My style is unique don’t copy it!
  • I don’t hate Peoples ,I just love Peoples who loves me.
  • I am Cool but Summer Days make me hot..
  • Attitude is a Small thing that makes a big difference…


On the other hand status messages for WhatsApp just lets other user to view it, as it about that user’s individual choice most of the people don’t even bother to have a look at it aptly. Although, this perception regarding is not apt, because if this simple feature is used appropriately it can drastically change the outlook of your profile even your impression for some people. It’s only possible through setting some creatively written striking status messages time to time on your profile.

And it’s also not so difficult to understand and use, as it just requires you to whatever in your mind at the time of being online on WhastsApp. Also, the feature has become even more appealing ever since there is a huge quantity of the status message is readily available online for users. So, now WhatsApp users just have to select and copy and paste them onto their profiles.

Wrapping Up:

Thus, if you are still one of those WhatsApp users who have not used WhatsApp status feature actively ever, you should change your approach towards this brilliant feature. As this feature has the potential to change the way your WhatsApp profile looks. Just imagine if your profile will be adorned with brilliantly crafted thumping status message with a wise thought – as soon as other users will see it on your profile will bound to astound. So, start using status message for WhatsApp with more purpose fully and transform the way your profile seem in the eyes and minds of others WhatsApp contacts.