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The discovering of the examine revealed that the method of transferring tacit data of the making of conventional herb in Kiringan Village to the group through oral custom and demonstration from generation to generation with Javanese tradition. Knowledge preservation was carried out within the actions of mothers who members of the Seruni Putih Cooperative and the actions of the Jamu Gendong Kiringan Tourism Village. Dissemination actions are associated to info expertise proven by blogs and social media managed by Karang Taruna Kiringan Village and government web sites that made the Jamu Gendong Kiringan icon as a treasure of native culture. Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) and sheath brown rot (SBR), attributable to Xanthomonas oryzae pv.

The noticed in vitro inhibition of the bacterial pathogens and important disease suppression in planta point out that these plant extract formulations characterize promising options to be adopted in administration methods for controlling rice illnesses. orbangun leaves (Coleus ambonicus, L.) contain polyphenol compounds, flavonoids and antioxidant compounds that can be obtained by extraction strategies. However, with the traditional extraction methodology it has the disadvantage of lengthy extraction time and requires a lot of solvents. Therefore, this study discusses the usage of microwave assisted extraction (MAE) method to extract the leaves of Torbangun. This research uses two treatment components on MAE i.e. power variations (100, one hundred eighty and 300 Watts) and extraction time (1, 2 and three minutes).

oryzae (Xoo) and Pseudomonas fuscovaginae, respectively, are bacterial ailments that result in substantial yield losses in rice. Natural plant-primarily based products symbolize a sustainable various to combat bacterial diseases because of their biodegradability and total safety. However efficient ways of delivering them are essential to their success. In an try to maximise the antibacterial properties of botanical bactericides for the management of these pathogens, this research evaluated the effectivity of various emulsion formulations of Piper sarmentosum extracts. The emulsion formulations have been demonstrated to be effective in controlling BLB and SBR of rice in in vitro plate assays and in planta beneath glasshouse circumstances.

This study aims to investigate the impact of MAE on the content of polyphenol compounds and flavonoids in the extraction strategy of Torbangun leaf. The results showed that the best whole phenol (4196.59 mg GAE/g extract) was found in the therapy of 300 watt of power with extraction time of 3-minutes with IC50 value of 9.89 mg/ml.

This examine aims to analyze the activities of the Kiringan Village community in the indigenous change information of creating and advertising conventional herbs. The knowledge collected through observation, documentation, and interviews.

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