Journal Of Nutraceuticals And Herbal Medicine

The Nias Heritage Museum develop, produce and promote traditional natural cures. Herbal medication created from lempuyang lempuyang chili and chili Java.

Traditionally used to deal with fever, malaria, sore throat, pneumonia, center ear an infection, bleeding wounds and dysentery. Traditionally used to reduce the danger of joint pain, reduce bacterial development and treating pores and skin infections. Traditionally used to treat dysentery, fever, hypertension, hypertension, nosebleeds, coughing, headache, and insomnia. Traditionally used to deal with kidney stones, malaria, persistent asthma, worms, and bronchitis.

This herbal drink can get a spread of vitamins such as overcoming drained and stiff, prevent colds, improve power, reduce flatulence, etc. By getting the natural drink, the body shall be spared from the aches and pains that usually arises when the work is just too onerous. In addition, there are numerous who argue that this herb can stimulate the appetite, so appetite increases and the body becomes more wholesome.

The Jamu is broadly used to offer an inner magnificence, because of a great bodily health. Traditionally used to deal with jaundice, rheumatism, difficulty urinating, intestinal worms and allergic reactions. Traditionally used to treat diabetes, shortness of breath, lung illness, wound therapeutic, relieve arthritis, to treat itching and haemorrhoids.

Traditionally used to extend urge for food, deal with hepatitis, malaria, and healing pores and skin ailments. Traditionally used to deal with malaria, dysentery, haemorrhoids, intestinal worms and warts. Traditionally used to deal with tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, mumps, appendicitis and also to heal ulcers and infected wounds. Traditionally used to deal with urinary tract infection, gallstones, dysentery, haemorrhoids, gout, arthritis, appendicitis, hypertension, bruises, boils and burns.

Traditionally used to treat dysentery, psoriasis, hives, low blood sugar, enhance the immune system, enhance metabolism system, colds and coughs. Traditionally used to treat respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, severe cough, and rheumatism. Traditionally used to treat measles, enhance power, remove dangerous breath, enhance blood circulation, utilized to contemporary cuts wounds and strengthen bones. By collecting and sharing details about traditional medicine on Nias the Museum hopes that this distinctive side of our tradition continue to thrive.

These products are used extensively throughout the nation, even this cosmetics have been exported to many nations of the world. Nowadays, some secrets of this Karaton (Palaces) culture of “Ngadi Sarira” are recognized by many ladies from outdoors the Karaton partitions.

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